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Tea is the future - a round up and pics of this machines weekend

Friday night at the Star with the full band (who don't serve tea unfortunately) so I was drnking water....the usual "interesting" characters were out in force which made for a fun night

The latest song to go into the set was Dallas 1pm whuch has been "machined" to be really heavy and feedback was all very postive....the other newer additions House of Love and Lips and hips had everyone up below

Then there was the last minute gig ...Paul (Hook) had made other arrangements after the Mallard csncelled but this machine four piece sprung into action to save the day for the Crook Hotel who's advertised band had cancelled because of illness...

The Crook Hotel serve tea (which when you cant drink is great) and have their own brand of heckler 😂

Some "action shots below

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