this machine is:


Norman McGlen vocals

Fave music and influences: covers a wide range including:Bullet Boys, Duran Duran, Dead Daisies, Motley Crue,  Magnum, Aqua, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Faces, Rolling Stones

I use: a radio mic and knowing smile on stage

Paul Richardson Guitar

Self taught, overly tall, 80's rock child! I've been playing for far too many years than I can remember from the age of 16 in numerous original, cover and tribute bands. 

Musical influences range from Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy etc from the 70's all the way to modern bands like Shinedown but the 80's rock scene was where it was at for me. Guitar faves are numerous, my top players being EVH (obviously!), George Lynch, Doug Aldrich, Warren De Martini, Reb Beach, Dann Huff, Brian Robertson to name a few (I could go on!!!).

Gear wise, I own too many guitars or not enough depending on your point of view!

Around a dozen or so Van Halen striped guitars (including a custom built mini Les Paul like Ed's)

78 Les Paul Custom

 Les Paul Classic

some custom Strats

EVH Wolfgang

my first 'pro' guitar, a 1987 flip flop pink (!) Kramer Pacer Custom bought in, you guessed it, 1987!

Amps wise, I have a few modded 70's Marshall 100w heads and a number of 4x12 cabs and was once an endorsing artist for US custom amps, Splawn. However, I turned to the dark side 18 months ago and now exclusively use a Kemper Powerrack profiling amp. 

I currently endorse Bacardi and Diet Coke and kebabs!!!

Le Sequel  (AKA Alastair Hey) guitar​

Grades 1-6 RSM on Piano. Grades 1-5 RSM Music Theory. Grades 1-5 RSM on violin. Music O Level grade A. Self taught guitarist , never had a lesson in my life, learnt by ear from playing along to records

Guitar playing influences: are varied....I love players who do things their way and commit to every note ..that's when something magical happens

Music that I love.....The Flower Kings , Big Big Train , Porcupine Tree , Steven Wilson , Rush , Black Crowes , Magpie Salute , Eric Clapton , Eric Johnson , Saxon ,Steve Hackett , Yes,Nightranger , Van Halen, Dave Kerzner., Spocks Beard ,Marillion, Deep Purple ,Queen , Led Zeppelin , Pink Floyd...the list is endless but these days I'm finding some of the best music is coming from the progressive rock genre

My gear is:


PRS Mira USA 2007 (core line)

Tattycaster (made up of lots of special secret ingredients)

Fender Squire Classic Vibe Telecaster deluxe (with secret ingredients)

AMP: Blackstar HT 50 watt head through a BlackstarHTV-212 2 x 12 Celestion loaded cabinet

All my guitar leads and amp connection cables are by Planet Waves...I use a TC Electronic Spark Booster to push out guitar solos

My strings are D'Addario Nickel Wound 010-046

my plectrums are Jim Dunlp Tortex 073

I get all my guitars set up by Martyn Ellison of Double Stop Guitars...

Hamster of Doom (AKA Garry Beavers) Bass

What got me into playing was mainly listening to iron maiden and metallica so my main influences have been steve harris and the late cliff burton.But as i can also state that the bass rumblings of derek smalls from spinal tap and the late and legendary donald ' duck' dunn had a profound influence on my playing too, from his early Stax and Booker T stuff to being the backbone of the blues brothers. And who could forget to mention my love of ABBA, their song writing and performances are simply amazing and cannot be ignored . And to all i have mentioned i can simply say
' thank you for the music'

Gear List: 

Status S2 headless bass

Status Stealth bass Dean Edge 4 (fitted with Ghost Dirty Dozen pick ips)

Little Mark Tube 800 bass amp

Mark bass 2x10,1x15 cabinets and senheiser freeport wireless system

Tony Croton (Drums and Percussion)


Playing drums for over 30 years and self taught, never had a lesson,  I learnt to play tapping on my knees and watching other drummers. I gained a GCSE grade B in music playing the flute and writing music. My mother taught me basic piano.

My influences are: Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, Nicko McBrain. Ringo was the first drummer I'd ever seen on TV and from that point i thought " I want to do that". Favourite Music; Hawkwind, my favourite band. The Beatles Pink Floyd Iron Maiden. My taste in music is very wide range.

My equipment : (Sometimes varies depending on location).


NATAL  Originals Maple Kit  finished in Champagne Sparkle

26x14 Bass Drum

13x9 Rack Tom

16x16 Floor Tom

18x16 Floor Tom

Drum Kit is a one off, only one in the world custom built

REMO Acousticon 14x5.5 Snare Drum



14" Soundedge Hi-Hats

20" Basher

18" Basher

18" Wild Crash

20" Novo China

24" Eclipse Mega Power Ride



TAMA Iron Cobra Bass Drum Pedal



Hybrid on Snare Drum Batter Side

Resonant 500 Heavy on Snare Side

Emad on Bass Drum

Onyx Matt Black on Toms Batter Side

Onyx Matt Black on Resonant Side


Kelly SHU internal Mic system fitted to Bass Drum.

COOL CLAWS Chrome claw fists on front of Bass Drum.


LATIN PERCUSSION Hi-Hat Tambourine in RED.

RIDGE RIDER Cowbells x2


All of my equipment is protected by 

HARDCASE and AHEAD Armour cases

testing the furniture

testing the furniture

in action at the Frigate

in action at the Frigate



in action at the Frigate

in action at the Frigate

the band

the band

outside Polestar

outside Polestar

Tony joining in

Tony joining in

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