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Road trip to Consett and Redcar aka 2 gigs in 12 hours 

First up Consett Festival 2019, playing as a four piece because of Le Sequels work commitments.

The festival is very well run and organised with great hospitality from our hosts and a fantastic friendly vibe, keep an eye on this one for next year if you didn't make this one!

We enjoyed performances from Elizabeth Liddle and Punk Pop Diaster before the this machine set and Riverrun, Gina McCann and the Sleaze Sisters afterwards before dashing off

Oh and a special mention to Tonys socks and shorts combo....

Next up The Cleveland Hotel in Redcar, been a while but always a fave destination for this machine with it's "special" level of banter and audience participation (their song of choice is still the Lion sleeps tonight!!!😂)

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