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Rockingham Day 1

No this machine gigs this weekend because Norm and I are at Rockingham...for photos from day one check out David Wilson and Sam Compton on social media (check the this machine links page for a direct link)

Venue reminds me of a smaller Mayfair except only VIPs are allowed on balcony and the variation in ceiling height serms to cause lots of issues with sound settings...

Quick overview of performances...(NB my opionion others may think differently)

Band one Mason Hill struggled with sound...singer sounded muffled and yoo low down in settings ...bass player was a natural showman and stole the show.

Band two Massive ...again sound wasn't great but good performance and went down well

Band three Pink Cream 69 went down a storm

Headliners Vixen were easily band of the day despite technical issues....totally professional, great well balanced set, Janets voice is still fab and whole band were on top form ....

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